I am a behavioral scientist at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, and coordinate the PhD mentoring group on experimental research at LISER (see program). I am the co-founder and research director of the Social Bee Lab. I am also a fellow at CBID at NYU Abu Dhabi.

I use lab, on-line and field experiments to study how social connections and group identities lead to economic inequality, as well as ways to promote opportunities and economic mobility.

You can see my work (here) and download my CV (here).



  1. The Role of Personal and Impersonal Relational Contracts on Partner Selection and Efficiency. Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, 2023 (with E. Reuben)

  2. Experimental Evidence Shows that Negative Motive Attribution Drives Counter-punishment Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2023 (with N. Nikiforakis)

  3. The Limits of Transparency in Reducing Corruption. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2021 (with D. Parra, L.A. Palacio)

  4. Web of Lies: A Tool for Determining the Limits of Verification in Preventing the Spread of False Information on Networks. Scientific Reports, 2021 (with K. Makovi)

  5. Integration and Diversity. Experimental Economics, 2020 (with S. Goyal, P. Hernández, G. Martínez, F. Moisan, A. Sánchez)

  6. Collaborative Production Networks among Unequal Actors. Network Science, 2020 (with J. Dijkstra, R. Wittek, A. Flache)

  7. Equilibrium Characterization of Networks under Conflicting Preferences. Economic Letters, 2017 (with P. Hernandez, G. Martinez, A. Sanchez)

  8. The Bargaining Power of Commitment: An Experiment on the Effects of Threats in the Hawk-Dove Game. Rationality and Society, 2015 (with L. A. Palacio, A. Cortes)

  9. Heterogeneous Network Games: Conflicting Preferences. Games and Economic Behavior, 2013 (with P. Hernandez, A. Sanchez)

Working papers

  1. Identity change and economic mobility: experimental evidence (single authored)
    [R&R Games and Economic Behavior]

  2. Publicly targeting disadvantaged groups triggers stigma and limits take-up of an educational program (single authored) [Download]
    [In preparation for submission]

  3. The Recency Bias in the Attribution of Responsibility for Joint Work (with A. Baranski)
    [In preparation for submission]

Work In Progress

  1. Gender bias in job referrals (with E. Reuben)
  2. [Data analysis stage]

  3. Social class, mobility and efficiency in job referrals (with E. Reuben)
  4. [Data analysis stage]

  5. Affirmative action and entrepreneurs: A field experiment (with G. Michailidou)
  6. [Design stage]

  7. Committee formation, identity signaling and allocation of scholarships: a field experiment (with L. Lozano)
  8. [Design stage]

Policy Reports

  1. An Experimental Evaluation of the Forever Fit Program. Policy Report - Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi, UAE 2021 (with N. Nikiforakis, E. Reuben, A. Dariel, U. Afzal)

  2. Exploring Nudges to Promote Physical Activity Among Senior Adults in Abu Dhabi. Policy Report - Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi, UAE 2020 (with N. Nikiforakis, E. Reuben, A. Dariel)

  3. Physical Activity for Senior Adults in Abu Dhabi. Policy Report - Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi, UAE 2020 (with N. Nikiforakis, E. Reuben, A. Dariel)